2022 saw the result of bad actors in the crypto space. Exchanges and yield platforms crumbled under the weight of overleverage and shady practices, leading to the loss of billions of dollars in user funds. 

Many platforms continue to deal in “paper bitcoin,” selling and trading more bitcoin than exist in their cold wallets, artificially inflating the supply. 

This is why self custody is vital. Holding your bitcoin on your own keys not only protects you, but the whole bitcoin ecosystem. And we at BitcoinVN are committed to helping you make that process every step of the way, to make it as easy as possible. 

After the introduction of our free self-custody consulting service for all our BitcoinVN Shop clients, we’ve come up with another offer to bring more Bitcoins into the hand of the people:

Upon purchase of 1 full Bitcoin from BitcoinVN, we will gift you a free Coldcard Mk3 hardware wallet!

Yes, all you have to do is buy a Bitcoin – and the wallet comes for free; delivered nationwide across Vietnam.

BitcoinVN is committed to protecting you from the bad actors in this space with education, content, and offerings to ensure your bitcoin journey is a happy one. We are ramping up these efforts with more offerings, content, and education to help you on your path to become a Sovereign Individual. 

The period from which this offer is valid starts with the publication of this article.

You can stretch your Bitcoin purchase across several purchases; you are qualified as soon as you have acquired (at least) 1 whole Bitcoin.

This deal will remain available only for the first 21 of you who hit the threshold.

If you needed another good reason to speed up your stacking, well, here’s one.