You are looking to transfer USDT (Tether) to somebody or some service… but for unexplainable reasons your transaction just does not go through!

What could be potential causes?

The feared FAILED -OUT OF ENERGY> error message on TronScan

Your wallet app is out of “gas”

Gotta fill up the gas tank

Sending any tokens on the Tron Network (of which Tether/USDT is the most popular by far) costs a certain amount of TRX, the native currency of the Tron Blockchain.

If your wallet does not have a sufficient amount of TRX left, it will be unable to send the transaction to the network.

Currently you must expect to pay at least 30 TRX per Tron network transaction.

Possible remedies:

  • Buy/obtain more TRX to “fill up your tank” in your wallet app

You can buy TRX directly from BitcoinVN via VND bankwire as well as USDT, USDC and over 80 other cryptocurrencies

The Tron Network itself causes issues

Warning by Ledger wallet about impacts of the most recent Tron Network upgrade

While Tron as one of the more centralized blockchains out there has not faced the same reliability issues as Solana so far, there has been around the latest network upgrade in February 2023 some issues which caused various wallet apps to fail.

The recent upgrade broke various wallet and app integrations due to the pretty drastic change in certain parameters.

As such users of various wallets and apps were unable to conduct their token transfers.

Your wallet app is not in sync with the network

Sometimes you will run into the issue that your wallet app is simply not up-to-date with the Blockchain.

While your funds are not at risk, it usually will result in your wallet being unable to submit transactions to the network successfully.

Possible remedies:

  • Manually initiate the syncing process on your wallet app
  • Close and restart your wallet app
  • Restart your mobile device
  • Check if you have a stable internet connection

A last word of caution – use a hardware wallet for large amount of funds

Your mobile wallet should not be treated in similar fashion to your mobile banking app.

We have come across far too many people who are holding 6-digit $ amounts of value on their mobile phones and more… our heart skips a beat each time we see that. 🙂 

Your mobile wallet must be seen similar to your physical purse.

Have enough funds in there to get your daily business done – but you are not carrying around your life savings in the back pocket of your pants (at least we hope that’s the case!).

If you are looking for a hardware wallet to handle your USDT transactions, both leading hardware wallet firms Trezor and Ledger provide a range of devices which.

If you wanna end up on top – must secure your funds!

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