VBTC – Vietnam’s oldest Bitcoin Trading Platformannounced that it has joined a range of well-known Bitcoiners and Bitcoin service providers as a sponsor of the Open Source Blockchain Explorer project Mempool.space.

Mempool.space was created in 2018 as a project with the aim to provide a tool to the Bitcoin ecosystem which allows for a transition into a multi-layered ecosystem where Blockspace in the Bitcoin blockchain becomes increasingly scarce and expensive.

Mempool.space is using Data visualization to allow Bitcoin users and Service providers to optimize their transactions in order to save on fees and utilized Blockspace.

Softsimon and Wiz (Mempool.space):

“Since we work directly for the Bitcoin community, it’s an honor to have VBTC sponsor us. Dominik has been a lead figure in the Bitcoin community in Vietnam for many years, so it’s very heart warming and we’re extremely grateful.”

Dominik Weil (BitcoinVN; VBTC’s mother entity):

“We are heading into an age where – if you like it or not – single onchain transactions on the Bitcoin Blockchain are not economically viable anymore for normal retail users. For day-to-day transactions layer two & three solutions will become increasingly adopted out of economic necessity.

That said, with the transaction fee levels where they are now and headed to over the course of 2021 and beyond, optimizing for Blockspace usage (SegWit adoption, batched transactions; timing of transactions for low mempool usage etc.) will become increasingly important to remain a competitive service provider in the space.

Mempool.space provides a very valuable tool to help on this transition and helps you to learn & understand the inner workings of the Bitcoin Blockchain more close up.”

If you are looking to donate to the Mempool.space project on your own – you can do so here either via onchain or Lightning transaction.