Last summer the Japanese Lightning community spearheaded by the Diamond Hands community released the comprehensive report “Understanding Lightning”, covering the wide range of areas Lightning is going to drastically change.

From the payments use case (a Vietnamese translation of the summary can be found here), new ways to monetize content creation and digital products and services up to the foundations of a more decentralized Web by making operating web infrastructure more economically viable for small-scale participants.

This report has now been made available for a Vietnamese audience – included with a bonus chapter on the Vietnamese ecosystem.

You can access the full report here: 

A special thanks to the Diamond Hands community and the lead-authors of the report Koji Hagashi, Kishin KatoYuya Ogawa.

If you are looking to dive deeper into Lightning and its possibilities, we strongly recommend taking a look at the upcoming LightningCon 2023 in Da Nang.

Koji Hagashi, Co-Author of the original report and one of Asia’s foremost Bitcoin OG’s, will be attending the event as a speaker.