“The Lord preserves the simple”  (Psalm 116:6)

As people left and right are losing their life savings in various intentionally obscure.and complex “crypto” investment schemes – you might want to be.a good friend to those who are open to bring their lives on a better path.

Trezor recently launched a “Bitcoin Only” firmware for those of you.who have learned their lessons long ago and those of you who are just starting their journey of repentance in earnest.

Not only will you benefit from a reduced attack surface – your mind.will also be less distracted by various glossy.& shiny scamcoins designed to extract your savings from you.

The Trezor Bitcoin-only firmware is available for both Trezor One.and Trezor T – both available in our online shop with fast in-country.delivery in Vietnam (& Lightning-payment option for those of you.who want to remain on the Bitcoin Standard).