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With the recent stark rise in censorship of non-regime compliant content across most Web 2.0 Social Media giants, Telegram messenger secured in 2021 it’s spot as 5th most downloaded app globally and fastest growing app overall in 2021.

Telegram by and large stuck to its promise to provide a censorship free communication. platform – and has in turn attracted hundreds of millions of users.who are looking to exchange ideas and information.without constant harassment by the platform owners.

Freedom fighter or WEF lackey? Durov states: “My favorite movie is ‘300.’ The story about 300 Spartans fighting to protect the freedom of their compatriots will inspire people thousands of years from now.”

While controversies around the true motives of its Founder Pavel Durov remain and privacy advocates are alarmed by the lack of encryption provided by Telegram (normal messages will are transmitted in clear text to Telegram HQ), Durov also expressed in the past admiration for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and has raised strong concerns about the current dystopian path chosen by various so-called “government” groups around the world.

“Will we go down in history as those who let free societies turn into dystopian nightmares? Or will we be remembered as those who defended the freedoms that previous generations fought so hard to win?”Durov’s channel

BitcoinVN Telegram Bot

Given the strong uptake in active users, BitcoinVN launched its new Telegram Bot to update in an immediate and convenient fashion right onto their devices.

A constant stream of staking rewards trickling in
A constant stream of staking rewards trickling in

Trade & order updates, referral and staking rewards – all streamed instantly onto your phone.

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