In the quest to provide our client base in Vietnam with the best tools available to securely self-custody their own coins, our colleagues at BitcoinVN Shop added the Tapsigner by Coinkite to the line-up.

Who is it for?

This is a Bitcoin-only device.

The Tapsigner is designed for Bitcoiners who want to upgrade their security levels for their phone wallets, add convenience to a Multivendor Multisig setup, or use Nunchuk wallet’s Multisig Inheritance Planning.

Who is it not for?

You can’t use the Tapsigner to secure any other assets besides Bitcoin.

If you are looking to secure other assets besides Bitcoin, a Trezor or Ledger might be a better tool of choice.

If you are not interested in self-custody and owning your own private keys, this tool is not of relevance for you either.

Why should I get a Tapsigner?

The Tapsigner is in our opinion the most convenient option to sign a Bitcoin transaction while keeping your private key separate from your online device.

Which apps can I use in combination with the Tapsigner?

The Tapsigner is integrated with leading Multisig wallet solutions such as Nunchuk and Sparrow wallet.

Is Tapsigner Secure?

Yes. Tapsigner’s private key is user generated, PIN protected, and can be backed up to two separate pieces. There is no single point of failure.

Which designs are currently available?

Currently the only available design is the Nunchuk-branded Tapsigner.

However, we are open to add further designs to the line-up – if you have any specific requests, feel free to reach out to our team.

What is the shipping time?

As with all other wares in the line-up of BitcoinVN Shop, the shipping takes place directly from our warehouse in Ho Chi Minh City.

Same-day shipping within HCMC is feasible in most cases, other locations in Vietnam usually take 2-3 days shipping time.

I really want to get my self-custody game in order but don’t feel confident. Can you help?

Almost certainly yes.