The Bitcoin network and the software that underwrites it is growing and continuously getting stronger. 

It’s a robust piece of software engineering standing the test of time and attacks – very Lindy. 

It’s only fitting that we’ve partnered with the engineering firm Hosoco.

We are thrilled to join forces with Hosoco as we work our way on expanding BTMs throughout Vietnam to bring a future where seamless bitcoin transactions and the utilization of sovereignty tools can be made. 

And we are happy to announce our new location in District 7. 

Hosoco is a software engineering firm that provides startups with different services to accelerate their software development division. 

Their direct, Dutch approach allows them to take on big projects with a fraction of the staff required to handle large projects, but small enough to care.

Hosoco founder & CEO Robin Westerik
Hosoco founder & CEO Robin Westerik

Hosoco was founded by Robin Westerik in 2021. His foray into Vietnam started by working with autonomous water quality measuring drones as part of a university research project. 

Since then, he fell in love with the country and has carved out his expertise – focusing on product engineering and offshoring services to help small Dutch software companies acquire talent in Vietnam. 

Robin closely works with universities and industries to seek and work with Vietnamese professionals. The quality of his network and what his firm provides is evocative to the connections and relationships we make at BitcoinVN– Intelligent builders making things happen in Vietnam with Vietnamese. 

We are delighted to have partnered with a thoughtful and innovative organization to host our new Bitcoin ATM location in D7.  

With our new location in D7 at Hosoco and a new fleet of Nordic-inspired BTMs coming online in the near future – the future is looking bright for sovereignty tools accessibility and bitcoin onboarding. 

Update: As of late you may have noticed that our location at El Gaucho (77 Xuan Thuy, D2) is currently unavailable. El Gaucho is currently undergoing construction renovations and we plan to be operational again once that work has been completed. 

But not to fear- we have our other location at Capones Pizza, just walking distance away from the El Gaucho location to still service those of us in and around D2- 8/3 Đường số 49B, Thảo Điền, Quận 2.