MLM/Ponzi, are slightly different. But if you can already tell the difference between the two, you are not the target of this article. I am trying to provide some basic information to help newbies to avoid getting scammed in this crypto market. 

The technology behind cryptocurrencies is very complicated even for technical people. To the rest of us, the ideas of all those things are even harder to consume. We can see the market is growing fast, attracting lots of investors. A huge amount of capital is pumping into this crypto industry. Simply, where there is money, there are scammers. Also, the lack of legal frameworks is another factor for people to get scammed easily, and the scammers most of the time getting away with it. 

How to avoid a Multi Level Business
How to avoid a Multi-Level Marketing Business

The MLM models have been around for thousands of years. No matter what covers they use, no matter what industry they are targeting this time, there are some very distinctive features for you to recognize.

  1. MLM people invest in groups of leaders: Normally well dressed, driving branded cars, expensive watches, claim to have fat bank accounts. They always come with success stories about how they started only a short while ago from zero, just like where you are now. And they want to have coffee with you to share about that
  2. The events are held at 5-star revenues. Representatives are popular actors, singers…In my experience, the bigger the events, the faster they are going to collapse.
  3. They promise high-interest rates, regardless of the market trends (high: 1% per day, 20-30% per month) 
  4. They don’t ask for any expertises from the investors to help grow the projects. All they ask for is your money. You are expected to invest in the packages, no limit.  The bigger the package, the higher the interest rate.
  5. Long withdrawal period: 3 months, 6 months, 1 year. 
  6. They don’t allow early withdrawals. Some projects do, but you are expected to return all the previous paid interest rates + the penalty (can be up to 10% the total amount)
  7. Gifts: they give out gold, silver, diamonds, cars, real estates…to attract buyers. They do whatever it takes to get you into the system.
  8. They encourage you to spread the opportunities to your circles of friends, relatives, family, acquaintances…and you will get affiliates from them.
  9. They cloud your judgment with the big picture they draw. They avoid sharing the actual business models, how they are going to invest to pay interest rate for the investors…because there is none
  10. Never mention what happens in the disadvantage market situations
  11. You invest in the package via other reputable crypto: Bitcoin, Etherium, USDT,…

and the list goes on…

The key to not get scammed is don’t be greedy. MLM people are playing mind games with you, target your greed of getting rich overnight. I believe all of us know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s hard to defeat the temptation, plus those leaders are actually good at what they do! 

Moreover, an honest self-evaluation will help. Ask the question “Why me?”, what makes you so special and qualified to get rich they real quick?

There is no such thing!

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