Cash2VN is Vietnam’s pioneering crypto remittance platform making it fast and easy to pay bills or receive VND into any domestic bank account.

Furthermore they cooperate with a variety of cash office partners across major Vietnamese cities, allowing recipients to pick up their funds in physical cash.

The platform values user privacy and convenience by not requiring any account sign-up by the sender.

The Cash2VN Affiliate scheme

Link to join:

As such Cash2VN also makes it possible for affiliates to earn their rewards without the need to expose their identity.

Your affiliate cut will be sent straight to your pre-specified wallet address via one of the currently supported cryptocurrencies: BCH, DASH, USDT on SLP). 

Currently you will be receiving 0.1% (0.05% for Stablecoins) on the total volume transferred by your referrals.

Earn crypto by inviting your friends

Help spread the word about Cash2VN to family or friends while making money. Join Cash2VN affiliate program and share your affiliate link across your social media, website, podcast, or videos to start earning crypto revenue for each new customer you refer to Cash2VN.

And this is how your Affiliate Link would look like after signing up!


How to earn Affiliate rewards with Cash2VN

Cash2VN Affiliate Program FAQ

When Lightning?!

While Cash2VN’s mother entity BitcoinVN has been making strides towards tighter integration with the Lightning Network, it is currently not a simple process to conduct accountless instant referral payouts compared to a traditional on-chain transaction. 

We will be actively observing if a more viable solution presents itself as the Lightning protocol evolves and/or demand justifies increased focus on building a specialized solution for it.

Why no Dogecoin?

Similar to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin, the transaction fees on these cryptocurrencies are too high to facilitate micropayments on-chain via the base layer.