Last month, BitcoinVN Co-Founder Dominik Weil joined Swabian Bitcoiner Ronin for some conversation on the “old days” of the early Bitcoin meetups in Frankfurt and beyond.

Further topics included cultural and economic differences between Europe and well as Germany and Vietnam in specific,.the lessons learned from a decade of operating a Bitcoin Exchange in Vietnam and.attempts to outline what’s next in the years to come.

The conversation took place on the Satoshi Shield podcast, fight the FUD and false promises in and outside the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Podcast host Ronin is a self-described “Orga Pleb” of the Einundzwanzig Bitcoin Meetup in Stuttgart,.the economic center of Swabia and home to plenty of the industrial powerhouses, world-leading mid-sized technology.and manufacturing firms and brands which are known and appreciated for their quality all around the globe.

Our Co-Founder Dominik has his roots with the early Bitcoin community in his hometown Frankfurt, the formerly free and independent city state whose splendor as a city of trade begetted a defeat and ongoing occupation by Prussian forces in the war of 1866. 

As such, the neverending power projection game with its internal inherent logic that the strong will colonize and consume the resources of the weak is all too familiar for people of such and similar cultural background. 

Hence we Bitcoin – a promising alternative for those who are looking to tip the balance in favour of the defender of said resources.

You can listen to the full episode here (German only!):  

SOS – Shield Of Satoshi – Ein Bitcoin Podcast – Episode 25 – “Gute Nacht Deutschland!” (Part 1)

SOS – Shield Of Satoshi – Ein Bitcoin Podcast – Episode 25 – “Good morning Vietnam!” (Part 2)