As it is common in this day and age, “the experts” keep their reputation and track record to be wrong about everything.

In the world of “the experts”, El Salvador was absolutely certain to default on its debt after its “dictator” Bukele gambled the empty state coffers on a Hail-Mary Bitcoin bet.

In the real world, El Salvador just paid off the maturing bond in full plus interest and has evolved into a tourism hotspot for Bitcoiners from near and far; willing to do their share on rebuilding the country after it has been ravaged by narco gang violence for decades.

Bitcoin – so hot right now! Even Volcanoes don’t want to miss out on the action

It is of course to be expected, that the paid propaganda mouthpieces of neocolonialist institutions are foaming at the mouth, if a third world country starts to steer its path towards monetary and hence national independence.

The exploitation of the resources of Central America began shortly after the arrival of Columbus when Spanish and Portuguese sailors began trading worthless trinkets for the vast riches which the soil and the land in the area had to offer.

And it continues to this day with countries being held hostage by the World Bank, IMF and other globalist institutions which make sure that the valuable resources of these countries continue to flow to the “developed world” in exchange for unbacked fiat currency, created at the stroke of a button.

Cutting them off from this gravy train of “something-for-nothing” is expectedly very upsetting to those who have become so accustomed to their parasitic existence at the cost of eternal poverty in the Global South.

El Salvador under the leadership of Nayib Bukele was the first to say “No más!”.

Expect more countries to follow as they aim to break free from the shackles which the masters of fiat currency have laid on them.