After serving for several years as official reseller of the “hardware wallet bestsellers”.from Trezor and Ledger, BitcoinVNShop has acquired official Blockstream Jade reseller in Vietnam.

While Vietnam has – despite ostensibly high “crypto adoption”.been lagging behind in terms of Bitcoin adoption (= people who understand.why and how to take self-custody of their Bitcoin), recent sales stats by BitcoinVN Shop revealed.that the interest in specialized “Bitcoin-only” solutions has been on the rise.

The Blockstream Jade wallet – initially released in summer of 2022 – serves thereby as a more affordable entry-level Bitcoin-only wallet.

Blockstream is thrilled to announce BitcoinVN as an official Jade reseller. Our mission is to expand our reach and empower our valued Vietnamese customers with the transformative power of Jade, revolutionizing the way you experience the world of Bitcoin.” – Drew Fischer, Blockstream.

The hardware wallet division of Blockstream entered earlier this year into an official partnership with leading Multisig solution provider Nunchuk.

This qualified endorsement is made visible in our online shop.via the official “Nunchuk Partner” label which assists BitcoinVN shop.clients to identify the best hardware wallet for their specific needs.

The Blockstream Jade therefore presents you with an ideal.solution to get started on your journey to set up your own Multivendor Multisig strategy.

If you are looking for further assistance and guidance on how to protect your savings for the long-term – our team is ready to assist you.

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