BitcoinVN is adding USDC as a further Stablecoin option for its customer base to purchase directly with VND.

While USDT keeps reigning supreme in the Asian markets with an abundance of liquidity and very tight pricing (BitcoinVN’s OTC desk is trading first & foremost USDT besides $BTC ), many Western traders & users are suspicious about the credibility of Tether and therefore switched to USDC as a perceived “more credible” alternative.

BitcoinVN listing USDC stablecoin for direct purchase/sale with Vietnamese Dong

USDC has seen its market cap increasing from just about 0.5bn $USD to close to 3bn $USD at the time of this announcement.

USDC has been introduced by Digital Asset Brokerage Firm Circle in late 2018 as an alternative choice for users who are sceptical about the reputation and reliability of stablecoin market frontrunner USDT (Tether). 

Users of BitcoinVN will be able to purchase/sell USDC via bank wire from all domestic banks as well as make use of Cash deposit/withdrawals from an array of outlets in case they belong to the unbanked part of the population.