Attending this conference was of paramount importance. Bangkok is a city known for its juxtaposition of ancient temples and cutting-edge skyscrapers. Similarly, the financial heartbeat of this city is experiencing a meld of traditional financial systems and revolutionary digital currencies.

To say that Thailand looks positive on the outlook of Bitcoin would be an understatement. The sheer scale of the conference, which was much larger than anticipated, reflected the nation’s burgeoning interest and investment in Bitcoin.

A highlight that resonated with many, including myself, was the discussion around the Lightning Network. Its potential for enabling near-instantaneous global cross-country payments has piqued the interest of many. With the world becoming an increasingly global village, the importance of such technologies cannot be overstated. And here, in the heart of Southeast Asia, was a collective acknowledgment of its potential.

Bitcoin Thailand 2023 in review - Albert Buu of Neutronpay

At Neutronpay, our mission aligns seamlessly with this vision. Our aim is to bridge this technological wonder with practical application, both in Thailand and beyond. We’re in the process of incorporating the Lightning Network, not just from the perspective of a consumer mobile app but also through business APIs. The goal? To foster a seamless financial ecosystem that caters to both individual users and businesses, making transactions as fluid as possible.

On a personal note, the camaraderie, the insights shared, and the potential collaborations forged at the conference left me with a sense of excitement. These are pioneering days for Bitcoin in Thailand, and being at the forefront of this change is both humbling and exhilarating.

The inaugural Bitcoin Conference in Thailand was not just an event, but a milestone in the country’s digital journey. My gratitude extends to Bitcoin Thailand for hosting such a monumental gathering. It was an experience that I, as the head of Neutronpay, will cherish and undoubtedly, I eagerly anticipate what next year’s conference will bring to the table.

Albert Buu is the Founder and CEO of Neutronpay, South East Asia’s leading Lightning Service Provider.

Neutronpay is a Canadian-Vietnamese startup which has committed itself since its inception in 2018 to “make money move at Lightning speed”.

The undertaking:

Replacing archaic 20th century centralized databases versus the open protocol solutions provided by the Lightning Network.

Disclosure: BitcoinVN has been an early seed investor into Neutronpay.