Tai Zen has been a veteran crypto trader who launched back in 2013 the very first popular Youtube channel dedicated to investing in Bitcoin. He moved back to his country of birth, Vietnam, in the fall of 2018 and has been supporting the community on various occassion & providing guidance on best practices when it comes to investing and storing Cryptocurrency.


Tai Zen is the co-founder of www.Cryptocurrency.Market and has been educating traders in stocks, futures, forex, options etc. in America since 2010.  He discovered bitcoin in 2012 and started one of the 1st cryptocurrency trading and investing channel on the internet to help investors understand crypto. Tai Zen is retired since 2017 and currently trades his own portfolio as well as the portfolios of private clients.

Q1: Dear Tai – you are one of the speakers at the upcoming 5 Years anniversary event of the local Bitcoin Saigon Community. When did you first hear about Bitcoin and why did you get interested into it in the first place?

I first heard about bitcoin in October 2012 when I was working at an energy brokerage firm that sells commercial electricity to businesses in the city of Dallas, in the state of Texas in America.  The energy brokerage firm was also mining bitcoins because they knew how to buy very cheap electricity and that was how I got introduced to bitcoin.

At that time I was trading stocks, forex, etc. and it normally takes about 1-3 weeks after I made a profit in trading before I could use the money.  First, I got interested in bitcoin because it had the fastest clearing & settlement technology I had ever seen which is normally around 10 minutes in 2012. In the financial industry which normally takes around 3 days. Second, since I was already trading forex, I wanted to start trading bitcoin early so I can gain more experience and have an early mover advantage over the other traders.

Q2: Looking back over the past 5 years – what surprised you most positively, what most negatively in the past half decade of Bitcoin history?

What surprised me the most from a negative perspective is that I never expected bitcoin to STOP being a peer to peer electronic cash.  Myself and nearly every early bitcoiner I met would pay for our snacks, meals, coffee, etc. with bitcoin on our smartphones at many of the early bitcoin conferences and meetups. It really surprised me how a small portion of newcomers to the bitcoin community was able to create division in the bitcoin community and turn bitcoin into some weird “store of value” and no longer want bitcoin to be used as a peer to peer electronic cash.

My friends and I missed the Dot Com boom in the 1990’s so from a positive perspective, I am excited to see that the crypto industry has provided many opportunities for our team and many early traders, investors, adopters, entrepreneurs, etc to quickly become millionaires as more people, Wall Street, and the financial industry slowly began accepting and adopting cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Saigon 5 Years - Interview with Tai Zen
Bitcoin Saigon 5 Years – Interview with Tai Zen.

Q3: What can listeners expect to learn from your talk at the 5 Year anniversary event?

The crypto market is full of fake and inaccurate investing information because the material is usually  created by non-traders and investors looking to sensationalize their content to get more clicks and views to increase their advertising revenues. This type of inaccurate information really hurts new people entering the cryptocurrency market.

At the event, I want to share our team’s real world experience in cryptocurrency trading and investing since 2012 to help new traders and investors avoid the nasty mistakes we made.  There will be NO theory!  Everything I share will be from the REAL WORLD of crypto investing including:

  • 5 legit ways to profit from the cryptocurrency boom
  • 2 most popular ways to make money during a PRICE INCREASE in crypto.
  • 3 amazing strategies to create monthly passive income
  • How to lend your USD or EUR
  • How to earn double digit interest rates by lending your crypto
  • How to make fast profits in crypto if you have extra capital

Q4: Where do you see Bitcoin, the communities and its general impact on society going within the next 5 years?

I see the bitcoin community continually being more and more divisive which is why we constantly remin our trading students to remain neutral because can not accurately tell which version of bitcoin will gain the most adoption or use in the future.

When bitcoin was first born, it was used as a peer to peer electronic cash. However, in recent years the impact that bitcoin is now having on society is that it has:

  1. Created a new way to raise capital without a lot of regulatory hurdles and expensive lawyer fees.
  2. In the past most of our trading students were form western countries. Crypto has leveled the playing field and given access to people in the 2nd and 3rd world countries the ability to trade and invest their money and create wealth like the people in the 1st world countries with very little regulatory obstacles.  Therefore, we are seeing more and more people from the less developed countries attending more of our trading courses now.
  3. Motivated the financial industry to start incorporating bitcoin’s clearing and settlement technology into their financial products and services to drastically reduce he amount of time it takes to clear and settle a financial transaction.

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Tai Zen will be speaking at the Bitcoin Saigon anniversary event on the 29th of November about how to invest in Cryptocurrency – you can grab your tickets here!

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