(TL, DR: Follow the steps outlined below and your BitcoinVN account will be funded with additional 21,000 Sats – equivalent to one pizza)

You have certainly all heard of the famous “Bitcoin Pizza” story where on a beautiful May day in the year of 2010 Laszlo Hanyecz wrote an important piece of Bitcoin’s history when for the first time ever he was able to procure some real-world-goods in exchange for Bitcoin.

He paid 10,000 Bitcoin (at today’s prices about 400 million USD!) for two tasty large Pizzas from Papa John’s.

Since this day in 2010, “Bitcoin Pizza day” has morphed into one of the most important annual holidays in the calendar of the international Bitcoin community and is celebrated in style all across the globe by the disciples of Satoshi.

To avoid you sharing the same fate as Laszlo while still being able to munch down on some slices as the tradition demands it, we have joined forces with Italiani’s Han Thuyen in the heart of beautiful Saigon.

The deal:

You go eat Pizza at Italiani’s in the week around Bitcoin Pizza day, follow the guidelines below, and we will refund you 21,000 Sats into your BitcoinVN account.

After a devastating year of 2021 in which our beautiful hometown Saigon was ravaged by seemingly endless lockdowns, this initiative is also part of our effort to help revive the local F&B scene.

The team of Italiani’s has written a lot of important and pioneering Bitcoin history in Vietnam. Not only are they the host to the first Bitcoin ATM in Vietnam, but also the merchant in which the first-ever Lightning transaction for physical goods on Vietnamese ground took place.

Let’s do our part on keeping this for the Vietnamese Bitcoin community’s historical business alive. Go out and enjoy your Pizzas! 🙂

Guideline to receive 21,000 Sats

Duration: Saturday, 21st of May until Friday, 27th of May

– Go eat Pizza at Italianis (17 Han Thuyen, Ben Nghe, D1, HCMC)

This is how your tweet should look like

– Take a picture each (2 pics total) of the Pizza and with the BTM 

– Post on Twitter & Tag @Bitcoin_Vietnam and Hashtag #bitcoinpizzaday #vietnam 

– Follow @Bitcoin_Vietnam and DM our team with

1) your tweet 

2) A picture of your Italiani’s receipt (at least 1 Pizza on the bill and within 

     duration of the campaign)

3)  Email address of your BitcoinVN account

– Get 21,000 Sats* credit on BitcoinVN (0.00021 BTC – approx. $8)