Bitcoin Magazine collectors and enjoyers rejoice –.your favourite supplier of all things Bitcoin in Vietnam.has added the most recent issues of Bitcoin Magazine to its line-up.

Besides all the common hardware wallet varieties (Trezor, Ledger, Coldcard and Blockstream Jade), BitcoinVN Shop.clients also have the ability to order a physical copy.of Bitcoin Magazine right to their door in Vietnam.

No hassle with customs and import – we deliver right from our warehouse in Vietnam.

Now, you might ask yourself:

What is Bitcoin Magazine and why should I care?

Bitcoin Magazine was the earliest, regular physical Bitcoin Magazine.among the “Bitcoin OG” community of the world.

The Bitcoin community expanded its sphere within the past ten years - Robert F. Kennedy at Bitcoin2023 in Miami
The Bitcoin community expanded its sphere within the past ten years – Robert F. Kennedy at Bitcoin2023 in Miami

Founded by Mihai Alasie, one of the early regular contributors was.Vitalik Buterin before he veered off to create Ethereum.

Starting from humble beginnings as a passionate hobby project born out of the primordial soup of all things Bitcoin OG community that was Bitcointalk back in the day,.Bitcoin Magazine has evolved after the takeover of David Bailey’s BTC Inc. into the undisputed largest media company in the Bitcoin space,.throwing the massive annual Bitcoin Conference in North America with tens of thousands of attendees and visitors to the host city.

So, you might be wondering why you should start collecting physical Bitcoin Magazines “if you can just read it online”.

Bitcointalk member Stochastic had in 2012 the same line of thought.


Yes, collectors value.

Physical items of high desirability with true scarcity tend to accumulate such.

So if you got the space for it and like Bitcoin… you just might want to start your collection today, your ancestors might be grateful that you did.

Last but not least if pure monetary arguments don’t convince you, cancelled former corporate media host Tucker Carlson made in his last speech the following reference to the value of possessing a physical library:

“Don’t throw away your hard copy books because they are the enduring repository that cannot be [tampered or erased]. I’m dead serious. I’m not going to tell you to buy gold or ammo—although obviously you should think about it. But definitely don’t throw away your books because they can’t be disappeared—because they exist physically. “

And if you want an even more erudite cause “in service of civilization” why preserving wisdom in physical form is a duty for anyone who aims to take up his role as leader and protector in a serious form:

Fundamentally all of known human history and knowledge we possess today exists due to some selected few choosing to dedicate their lives to preserving this very same knowledge and history in written form.

Books, letters and an array of various written correspondence hidden monasteries and hideouts, far away from the storms of fire that regularly embroil civilization in between the tides of war and peace.

Building the Bitcoin circular economy
Building the Bitcoin circular economy

Each edition can be purchased sealed – ready for collections, or unsealed – ready to read. 

And yes, you can pay in Bitcoin thanks to the direct integration with Lightning Service Provider Neutronpay.