When VBTC launched back in 2014 as Vietnam’s first Bitcoin trading platform – offering direct on- and offramp into Vietnamese Dong – the founding team around the Vietnamese Bao Phuong Nguyen, Phil Trinh and the Frankfurt-area Entrepreneurs Alex Winter and Dominik Weil had due to resource constraints to make the decision to work with third-party technology providers to offer the service.

The advantage: Quick startup time at reasonable cost.

The downside: Little control over the direction of the technological and product development around the platform.

As our loyal VBTC users have seen over the years, the platform experience has for the most part stagnated – and not kept up with the service level we want to provide to our client base.

This is about to change.

VBTC – while on the surface not much might have changed yet, under the hood plenty of improvements have been made and been brought on the way

For some time now we have made significant investments into the technology of VBTC and we are happy to announce that Team VBTC has now taken over full control over the codebase and future technological development of the platform.

This has been a long time coming and was only possible due to the onboarding of some exceptionally talented Bitcoin developer who took the lead and made the unlikely a reality.

From here on out:

Any feature request, bug you come across… contact us and we’ll get on it.

Besides that we have set ourselves the aim to be spearheading any new developments in and around Bitcoin to always stay ahead of the pack when it comes to the adoption of new technological possibilities of the one coin that shall rule them all.

VBTC was founded in 2014 with the mission to bring access to the whole wide world of Bitcoin to Vietnam – and we’re looking forward to reviving this mission goal with renewed vigor in 2023 and beyond.

We will have some first announcements around first platform improvements coming already in the next few days, so stay tuned.

You can sign-up for VBTC here: VBTC.exchange

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