Ahead of the BitcoinBeach event planned in March 2023 in Da Nang, the eyes of the Bitcoin world start increasingly shifting towards what’s actually happening on the ground in this often forgotten nation “down over there” in South East Asia.

The phenomenal economic growth and development for the past few decades have been a major success story in Asia – but has so far not reached much attention yet in the Western World.

We are seeing early signs that this is about to change and that the potential of Vietnam will be become more apparent as further business- and economic bridges are getting built – last but not least driven by the significant demographic of Việt kiều who are increasingly betting on “their motherland” in taking on the competition on a global scale. 

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Albert Buu – CEO & Founder of Neutronpay – is one of them.

After fetching the pre-seed by BitcoinVN, Vietnam’s premier Bitcoin Exchange which has been operating in Vietnam since early 2014 under the leadership of Nguyen Tran Bao Phuong, Alex Winter and the Frankfurt-raised expatriate Dominik Weil, he has this summer successfully closed his next funding round and earlier this month released the first dedicated Lightning app for the Vietnamese consumer market.

On the recent Kevin Rooke show earlier this week Albert shared his insights about:

  • Why Lightning payments are destined to obsolete the often cumbersome TradFi rails when it comes to online payments
  • Why he chose Vietnam as a main focus for his business
  • The often stark differences in the payments landscape between South East Asia and the Western world.

If you are interested in the full episode, you can watch it here.

For further information on Albert and Neutronpay, you can follow them here:

Albert Buu


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