Tron (TRX) – the made-up token underpinning Justin Sun’s empire – has in the past 6 months gained almost 50% versus Bitcoin – the question we receive ever more often from our clients: “Is now the time to invest in Tron?”

The short answer is:

The moderately prolonged answer is:

It depends.

We believe that people are free to make their own decisions and choices – and that they will have to live with and bear the consequences of these choices.

So can plowing your funds in Tron turn you into being part of the landed gentry?

Unlikely, but who are we to know or judge.

In the crypto space fundamentals, rationality or moral behaviour are often meaningless or in short supply and while we have seen more people than we would like ruining their finances gambling on various crypto tokens… a few of them also turned out to become incredibly wealthy.

The likelihood that you will become part of the latter group rather than the former by buying Tron is infinitely small and we would strongly advise against it (if we were in the position to give financial advice) and we decisively do not endorse degenerate gambling behaviour.

With that out of the way, now let’s take a look at why people are asking us the question if “Tron is a good investment” or “should I buy Tron now”.

The obvious one:


Over the past six months Tron gained almost 50% in terms of price against Bitcoin, the largely unchallenged anchor around which the whole “crypto world” has spun up and is measured against.

Now, there is a very legitimate point to make that native market demand for Tron indeed does exist and that it is actually increasing.

You can dislike it all you want:

But looking at the numbers, one can not get around to recognize that Justin Sun – all his known and unknown shady business dealings aside – may very well be the most successful Fintech entrepreneur of the 21st century.

Tron started out as just one more of the countless Chinese Ethereum copycats to capitalize on the easy money flowing into all kinds of “token offerings” during the unhinged 2017 bull market.

But – and you have to give Justin Sun a certain credit for these achievements – instead of withering away like all the other token fundraising schemes from that era (NEO, EOS, OmiseGo… and dozens of others – remember those?) Tron “delivered”.

Thanks to very skillful navigation and negotiation skills (and his close partnership with his pal CZ at Binance which took over the crypto world by storm since 2017) he moved Tron into a position where it was ready to move into “the network of choice” for the transfer of the world’s largest stablecoin Tether.

Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino on the global impact of USDT
Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino on the global impact of USDT

As the global demand for USD “derivatives” in the form of stablecoins skyrocketed in emerging markets around the world, providing a refuge from their own even weaker domestic fiat currencies and a tool to conduct fast and easy cross-border commerce, neither the Bitcoin blockchain (via the OMNI metalayer) nor the Ethereum Blockchain were able to handle the incurring transaction load without driving up transaction costs to uncompetitive levels.

Justin Sun was ready to strike.

Being better at math and no moral inhibitions make for larger profits
Being better at math and no moral inhibitions make for larger profits

Via his connections and integrations with various key players in the Asian market he began

to roll up the world – making USDT Tron the preferred settlement platform for much of the emerging world, be it South America, Africa or his “home turf” across Asia.

How did he do it?

Well, to hell with “decentralization” – the Tron blockchain for all we know runs at best on a  handful of servers under full control by Justin and his clique… hence “scalability” is not a serious issue anymore.

You might not like it, but when it comes to pragmatism and “throwing out” “unnecessary” ideological baggage in favour of near-term profits, the Chinese businessmen of the 21st century are a category on their own.

Tron is a blockchain which is “faster” and “cheaper” than any of their serious competitors – and hence won critical market share and the network effect.

Is it “decentralized”?

Hell no, it isn’t – but as you also must admit:

The vast majority does not care.

As long as they can get their payments done quick and hassle-free, they will go with what works – and currently, Tether on the Tron Blockchain provides this customer experience.

As the charts below show:

The Tron blockchain is seeing increased adoption rates across the world.

The numbers are clearly trending upwards in terms of amounts of value transferred via the network, the numbers of network participants is steadily increasing as well.

The fact that these numbers point upward amidst a bear market clearly indicates that this uptake is not driven by speculative ebbs and flows in the crypto space, but by a very organic and expanding market demand. may not like it, but…
…you may not like it, but…

Tether makes it for the first time possible for “the other six billion” with no access to the Western financial system or the hope to ever qualify to open an account with one of their “esteemed” financial institutions to get access to dollars.

Transferable instantly around the globe – serving and powering commerce without being held back by regulatory red tape or lack of access to a globally accepted medium of exchange.

Charts initially compiled by Sébastien Derivaux

The highly centralized nature of Tron also made it possible to swiftly adjust the “Tokenomics” by decree of emperor Justin Sun when he deemed it prudent to do so.

And while we avoid covering all the intricacies of the deployed change, you can see in the tables below that it resulted in higher “gas” (or in Tron speak: “energy”) fees collected per transaction, increasing the “natural demand” for TRX further by users of the Tron Blockchain.

Now, does all of this make Tron better money than Bitcoin?

If you have the need to transfer USDT – you will likely need a small amount of Tron to power these transactions, you might otherwise get lucky with Ethereum – any other networks only have a minor fraction of market penetration.

There are whole books written about “what makes good money”, we won’t go into detail in this post about this key topic to guarantee (or derail) human flourishing… – but the short answer simply:

Not a chance – physical realities are making this an impossibility.

Is Tron a “good investment”?

Well, if you operate under the assumption that all of these token schemes are first and foremost spun up to benefit insiders and turn via various shenanigans your money into theirs… – you are entering a game where the odds are stacked against you.

It is a game – and that you can outmaneuver the key players in control of these token schemes who are certainly highly capable, high IQ and without too much baggage in terms of “ethics and morals” besides a relentless drive to win… we wish you good luck, because you will need it.

Cartman Sun meme

As one single and more recent glimpse into how the “Chinese Crypto mafia” operates, you might want to take a look at a recent thread of Dylan LeClair where he takes a sneak peek on how Justin Sun and the gang is currently draining the depositor money out of his latest acquisition Huobi, swapping them out for more made-up IOU’s. 

A similar tactic which has beforehand already been deployed at the once leading altcoin exchange Poloniex.

This type of “vulture capitalism” is not uncommon to Western financial markets, the practice is widely known as “asset stripping”.

You acquire the asset, drain it of any valuable resources contained therein (in this case: Depositor money) – and then…”…après moi, le déluge”.

A bet on Tron is basically a wager that Justin Sun’s game of shells will continue as successful as it did within the last six years.

So far he has been exceedingly skillful in finding his targets and avoiding accountability for various dubious tactics employed in his acquisitions and business dealings.

Furthermore Tron has achieved extremely widespread market penetration and is nowadays undoubtedly one of the top five cryptocurrencies in terms of legitimate user count.

Binance on fire or under fire? Heated debates rage on
Binance on fire or under fire? Heated debates rage on

On the other hand, more than one “high-flying crypto star” and paper billionaire experienced a rather sudden downfall and collapse of their empire and severe judicial prosecution in recent times – and if the persistent rumours around the solvency of Binance realize, the story might end sooner than anticipated by most given the close entanglement of the conglomerates of CZ and Justin Sun.

Now, if you bought already your bag of Tron and feel not so certain any more if this was a good idea:

You can turn it into better money right away with no KYC required – or cash it out for Vietnamese Dong to have some fun in Vietnam rather than hoping for the – likely illusionary – chance that Justin Sun turns you into a wealthy man.