Do you want to sell your DAI but are unsure of where to do it? You may learn how to sell DAI cryptocurrency for VND fast, securely, and with minimal transaction fees by reading this article from BitcoinVN News.

The Value of the DAI Stablecoin

DAI is a stablecoin created by MakerDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization. DAI’s value is set at $1 since it is correlated with the US dollar.

DAI helps users avoid the danger of other cryptocurrencies’ price volatility by maintaining a consistent value as a stablecoin. Furthermore, this stablecoin is seen as a possible financial instrument that would facilitate consumers’ easier and safer access to decentralized financial services.

At the time of writing, DAI had a market value of $5.3 billion, with each coin worth one US dollar.

Stablecoin DAI is a popular choice for investors because of its stability
Stablecoin DAI is a popular choice for investors because of its stability

How to sell DAI for VND simply and fast

Selling DAI on the Bitcoin VN exchange

BitcoinVN allows you to trade without an account; however, each transaction must be worth less than 5 million VND and cannot exceed 20 million VND per month.

In order to avoid illegal activities and comply with AML (anti-money laundering) laws, you must complete KYC and have a login account in order to trade with larger amounts.

You can use Telegram to create a BitcoinVN account or submit the required information that follows:

Create a BitcoinVN account to trade larger volumes
Create a BitcoinVN account to trade larger volumes

You can exchange cryptocurrencies with higher amounts—up to 15,000 USD, approximately 300 million VND—after creating an account and finishing the KYC process.

To begin selling DAI for VND, go to the BitcoinVN exchange and do the following steps:

At the "You send" section, select DAI
At the “You send” section, select DAI
  • Step 2: At the “You receive” section, select VND. You can choose to wire transfer the money or go to other BitcoinVN branches to receive cash.
At the "You receive" section, select VND
At the “You receive” section, select VND
  • Step 3: Enter the quantity of DAI you wish to sell, and the appropriate VND amount will be presented. After providing all the required information, click “Swap” to complete the transaction.
Click "Swap" to proceed with the transaction
Click “Swap” to proceed with the transaction

You may now sell DAI fast and securely in three easy steps. If you have any queries or find any technical issues throughout the transaction, please contact us at [email protected] for assistance.

Selling DAI at BitcoinVN OTC

OTC is the ideal choice if you wish to sell DAI that is valued at more than $15,000 for the following reasons:

  • Competitive pricing: Compared to established exchanges, BitcoinVN’s OTC provides more affordable prices.
  • High liquidity: Compared to regular exchanges, OTC trading frequently has greater liquidity. This implies that selling your coins will be easier and faster.
  • High security: To guarantee the security of client data and transactions, BitcoinVN offers personal 1:1 OTC trading services.

Visit our website,, for advice and assistance in scheduling a trading session.

BitcoinVN is a respectable exchange that has been operating for ten years.

The purpose of the 2014-founded bitcoin exchange BitcoinVN is to offer Vietnamese consumers an efficient, secure platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies.

Our platform supports more than 88 different cryptocurrencies, with trading fees starting at 0.2%. We are always prepared to help you with any deal you make, regardless of the amount that you trade.

BitcoinVN operates a large number of Bitcoin ATMs and OTC systems in Vietnam and attends significant conferences such as Bitcoin Thailand, Bitcoin Conference in Bali, LightningCon Da Nang, etc.

BitcoinVN - Instant Vietnamese Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchange
BitcoinVN – Instant Vietnamese Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchange

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected] for consultation and support. We are always available to assist clients 24/7 with queries and to resolve any difficulties that may emerge throughout the trading process.

Learn more about us at

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