Welcome to the October 2023 edition of our Monthly Report, where we keep you up-to-date about BitcoinVN, your favorite Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchange in Vietnam.

📈 Business news

Clearly the bulls are back in town. In October have seen an exchange volume increase of 20% compared to the previous month.

We’re also seeing a new all time high in terms of swap count and active users, now roughly double the figure from last year.

This marks October as the champion of months in 2023—let’s keep this momentum rolling!

🥸 Unbroken appetite for anonymous cryptocurrency

As crypto-to-crypto swaps now account for about 12% of our exchange volume, Monero is yet again the third most popular cryptocurrency on BitcoinVN.

Asset performance in October

As a result, our team has come to the conclusion to double the staking target from 100 to 200 XMR. The relentless Monero swapping simply goes too hard!

Monero staked with BitcoinVN has currently an estimated APR of over 45%.

🇮🇩 Bitcoin Indonesia Conference

What happens in Bali, stays in Bali!

While we can’t disclose everything that has been going down in Bali, several of our team members attended to the Bitcoin Indonesia Conference in Bali in a rare public showing.

Dominik Weil of BitcoinVN speaking at the Bitcoin Indonesia Conference

The recent Bitcoin conference in South East Asia certainly delivered. Key industry movers and shakers, builders and long-time investors came together to work on bringing the Bitcoin ecosystem across the region to the next level.

Watch out for some more detailed reporting showing up on our News site!

⚠️ Fake Ledger Live Apps in the wild

Our colleagues at BitcoinVN Consulting recently had a client who fell victim to a relatively new type of malware.

A fully built fake Ledger Live app made it on the Snapcraft appstore, preying on the savings of the victim.

More about this threat and ways to mitigate can be found on BitcoinVN Shop.

Product updates

  • You can now transfer balance settlements directly to fellow BitcoinVN users! Just input their email when submitting the order.
  • Added USDT on Polygon zkEVM for swapping in both directions.

That’s enough for now. See you next time!

Your BitcoinVN Team

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