Sending money to Vietnam used to be like a tangled web of paperwork, delays, and difficulties that left you scratching your head.

But hold on tight, there is a simple way to avoid all of this. Whether you want to pay your rent or pay for your girlfriend’s noodle soup. Say goodbye to red tape and hello to effortless remittance!

The Power of Bitcoin remittance

Picture this: You’re miles away from your loved ones in Vietnam, and you want to send them money. Traditionally, this could involve navigating a maze of intermediary banks and frustratingly slow transfers.

Enter the concept of cryptocurrency remittance. Imagine being able to send money across borders with the speed of an email and the security of cryptography. Cryptocurrency, led by pioneers like Bitcoin, has ushered in a new era of financial inclusivity and borderless transactions.

From Bitcoin to VND: BitcoinVN’s simple solution for cross-border remittance

With BitcoinVN you can send money to any Vietnamese bank account, whether it’s to family, friends, or business partners in Vietnam. The only requirement is having some cryptocurrency on hand.

What sets BitcoinVN apart is its simplicity. No complicated forms, no sign-up hurdles, and certainly no need to submit personal information. Just a straightforward process that ensures your hard-earned funds land securely in the hands of your recipient.

Step-by-step guide: Sending money to Vietnam with crypto

How does this process work? It’s remarkably straightforward.

  1. Go to BitcoinVN
    Using this link, half of your order is already pre-configured for VND bank transfers. Alternatively, we also offer cash pickup options in various cities across Vietnam.
  2. Choose your cryptocurrency
    Begin by selecting the cryptocurrency you want to use to fund your money transfer on the “you send” part of the exchange form.
  3. Enter the amount
    You can either specify the VND amount the recipient is supposed to receive (right side), or the amount of cryptocurrency you wish to spend (left side).
  4. Provide recipient details
    Enter the recipient’s bank account information. This is where your funds will be safely delivered.
  5. Confirm and pay
    Clicking the “Swap” button will lead you to the order page. Follow the payment instructions on the site.

That’s it! No registrations, no lengthy forms, and no delays – just a seamless money transfer process via cryptocurrency exchange.

Why choose BitcoinVN for your remittance needs

Whether you’re supporting family, contributing to business operations, or assisting friends in Vietnam, BitcoinVN is your reliable partner for hassle-free money transfers.

  • Speedy transactions
    With BitcoinVN, waiting days for your funds to clear is a thing of the past. Your cryptocurrency is swiftly converted into VND, landing in your recipient’s bank account within minutes.
  • No sign-up required
    Unlike traditional remittance platforms, BitcoinVN doesn’t require you to sign up or submit personal information. Your privacy remains intact while you enjoy seamless transactions.
  • Simple interface
    Navigating BitcoinVN’s user-friendly interface is a breeze, even for newcomers to the world of cryptocurrency. The straightforward process ensures that you’re just a few clicks away from sending financial support to Vietnam.
  • Trusted
    Our stellar user reviews don’t lie. The ability to withdraw in cash or via bank wire makes BitcoinVN a beloved fiat off-ramp for many.

Say goodbye to the days of complicated paperwork, delays, and excessive fees when sending money to Vietnam. Your loved ones in Vietnam will thank you, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner.