While the current fleet of the BTM Department of BitcoinVN has been so far only covering the inner city districts 1 & 3 as well as the “expat-heavy” Thao Dien quarter in District 2 – finally the first machine made it down to District 7!

The new location is based at Red & Round (15 Hưng Gia 3, Tân Phong, Quận 7) just off the main road Nguyễn Văn Linh.

Does this look like a winner? The jury at Saigon Pizza Festival certainly thought so and crowned the “Salmone e Tartufo” as “The Best Pizza overall”

The new machine is currently only offering to buy Bitcoins; but it lets you do so in 3 clicks without requesting your phone number while accepting banknotes at 4x speed as compared to our other machines. Offering a sell option (as it is the case with the other currently operating machines) remains on the roadmap.

Red & Round recently made “headlines” in the Saigon foodie scene with the acquisition of locally famed Mattia di Paolo as new chef in their kitchen who has over years proven time and again how to excite the taste palates of his patrons with various Italian delicacies! 

If this man mans the kitchen counter – be prepared for degustatory highlights!

So while stacking as many Sats as possible is commendable in order to secure a future of prosperity for your family – don’t forget to include some “La Dolce Vita” into your busy schedule and enjoy some delightful treats from the Red & Round crew upon your visit!

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