(For further background information: The clown world of Bvnex)

[Disclaimer: While some outsiders might see this message as a “conflict” between two “competitors”, we would like to point out that there is *no* overlap in the target customer base between our client base and the people who think it is a good idea to gamble money on random shitcoins like “Vether”, “Ripple Alpha” and other “projects” which try to bamboozle the public with non-existing “partnerships” with long-established and more reputable institutions in this space.


We do not have *any* interest to work with any of these types of customers, “business partners” or “investors” since their involvement with this operation shows a mindset with which our values are simply not compatible with.


In fact we will proceed to blacklist anybody from any business activities with us if we become aware, that they are involved in this or similar shady operations. 


Life is short and it should not be wasted on people who are undeserving of our resources in the form of time, attention and mental energy.


In fact we would prefer not to waste any further time on these individuals and their shenanigans for the rest of our lives – however, recent developments force us to make a public statement since we have received complaints by several users of the BitcoinVN Cloud which was hosted by Expread and Leo Liu; are still owed their crypto assets and refuse to give back.]


Currently – despite (see below) – different promises made in the past by Expread in the person of Leo Liu (and still active in the Vietnamese market to this day with his outlet “BVNEX” (led by his co-conspirator Phung Thi Huyen Trang), Expread (BVNEX) / Leo and his team keep withholding user funds of previous BitcoinVN Cloud users almost a year after the fact.


During this time Leo Liu of Expread/BVNEX failed/refused to provide any final crypto asset balance statements, which makes us unable to ultimately verify the claims of the victims – however, we have indeed records that the users were interacting with the platform which make the claims brought forward seem credible to us.


“Victim A” is – according to his own statements – owed over 1.1 BTC by Expread (BVNEX).


We are also aware of at least one other former Vietnamese BitcoinVN Cloud user (“Victim B”) who is currently – according to his own statements – owed about 6m VND worth of ETH by the team of Expread (BVNEX).


Since “Victim A” is currently in legal procedures on a debt settlement involving the US government, he will be forced to proceed in this week to involve US authorities to resolve the case.


In preparation of this case and to hide her involvement with the operation, Phung Thi Huyen Trang has in the past month handed over the directorship of “BVNT Foundation” to Kong Fanxiang.


Any attempts of our team as well as Victim A to reach out to Leo Liu of Expread/BVNEX to settle the outstanding balances and provide a final accounting statement failed to achieve any results, which is why Victim A is now forced to get US governmental authorities involved in order to settle the claim.


We would like to inform the public to be extremely cautious of this venture and every related entity to these persons since it is at this point to be assumed that the venture might possibly be in a peril financial situation given their outright refusal to settle the claims made by Victim A and Victim B.


Please be warned.

-Team BitcoinVN


Leo / Expread are responsible for the Bitcoin and other crypto withdrawals of the users