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What is a Bitcoin ATM?

BitcoinVN Bitcoin ATM (BTM) is a self-service kiosk that allows you to buy or sell Bitcoin for cash.

10 reasons to use a BitcoinVN BTM

1. No bank account required

Many banks have banned their accounts used in order to buy or sell cryptocurrency. Other banks can ask for more information if they see suspecting transactions and therefore delay their service or block the funds. With BitcoinVN BTMs you can buy and sell cryptocurrency directly for cash, without risking having your bank account funds frozen.

2. Convenience

It’s the easiest way to buy or sell cryptocurrency, especially if you are not familiar with the blockchain technology. A completely new cryptocurrency user can come with cash and in a few minutes walk away with a new Bitcoin paper wallet (generated by the BTM) with Bitcoin stored inside it. It is almost as easy as buying a bottle of Coca-Cola from a vending machine!

3. Security and safety

BitcoinVN is a legally registered company in Vietnam, making transactions using BTMs operated by BitcoinVN safer than those belonging to less transparent dealers. BitcoinVN is proud to have been an established cryptocurrency enabler in Vietnam since 2013, offering a range of services ranging from cryptocurrency exchange to sale of hardware wallets.

Using a BTM is safer than meeting people from localbitcoins or other platforms because no one knows in advance if you carry some substantial amount of cash with you.

BitcoinVN carefully chooses its partners and prefers to work with the leading reputable international software, wallet and other providers, ensuring that the transactions are executed with institutional-grade security.

4. Anonymity

BitcoinVN does not require any KYC / verification to use our BTMs. There are also no transaction limits (yes, you can buy over $5,000 worth of cryptocurrency completely anonymously!).

For better security and user experience, our software asks for a mobile number. Although we advise customers to use their private phone number, if complete anonymity is valued more than better security and user experience, services like ReceiveSMS could be used to avoid revealing the personal phone number. Please note that BitcoinVN does not hold any responsibility in case an anonymizing service interferes with a transaction.

5. Transparency

The price displayed by the BTM is always the price you pay (or the cash you receive) - even if the Bitcoin market price has changed before the order has been completed. Also all BitcoinVN BTM users receive a link where they can privately view the status of their cryptocurrency purchase or sale. At no point will you worry about not receiving your cryptocurrency or cash!

6. Speed

Cryptocurrency prices move fast. Many online platforms have long waiting times for registration, verification, withdrawal and electronic bank transfers. In contrast, using BitcoinVN BTMs allows you to receive Bitcoin ASAP in the next blockchain block (while always minimising the blockchain fee).

Uniquely to BitcoinVN ATMs, you can pre-sell cryptocurrency online before picking up the cash at the BTMs. This means that you only need to spend about 1 minute at the BTM!

7. Dedicated real-time English- and Vietnamese-speaking support

If you face a problem with your transaction, you can call (or WhatsApp/Telegram) the number displayed on the BTM to receive real-time transaction support in both English and Vietnamese. For non-urgent queries, please reach out to use using the methods listed on this site.

8. Cheaper than other BTM providers

BitcoinVN aims to provide lower fees compared to other BTM operators in Vietnam. If you find an alternative provider offering better prices, please let us know by contacting us on [email protected].

9. Cheaper than using traditional currency exchanges

Tourists in Vietnam often find it cheaper to sell cryptocurrency to receive Vietnam Dong cash from a BTM than using their credit cards to receive cash or traditional currency exchanges.

10. Reliability

BitcoinVN continuously monitors BTMs to ensure they are fully functioning. We regularly post availability updates on our Facebook page and Telegram channel. No nasty surprises from visiting the BTM location and finding out it is offline!

How to buy Bitcoin with a BitcoinVN BTM?